Arts Exchange/International Days

Experiencing the cultural sights and sounds of a distant land can enrich the lives of everyone. Through the efforts of THE INTERNATIONAL ARTS EXCHANGE and INTERNATIONAL DAYS, thousands of young children and young adults as well as several local communities have experienced first-hand the dances and music of foreign guest artists in school assemblies, symposiums, and concerts. Students have also received personal instruction and enrichment during classroom visits and seminars.

The sixth grade students of Jordan School District thoroughly enjoyed the “Russian Dance Program”. We appreciate the opportunity to have this exciting cultural activity in our district. It is a pleasure to work with such professional people. For your information roughly 4,000 students attended the program.
- Kraig Kelly, Jordan School District Official

I would like to express our appreciation for the excellent school assembly which you provided… It was both educational and entertaining.
- Lyle Thacker, Elementary School Principal

The dancers were wonderful, enjoyable, and a healthy cultural experience for our students and staff.
- William Mansell, Elementary School Principal

I would like to express my appreciation for the exceptional program that was presented to our school. It gave our students a unique opportunity to experience a different culture with dance and song. This is a very important method of developing an understanding and knowledge of people from other countries. We were all very rewarded for the experience.
- Lynn Boehme, Secondary School Principal

International Participants

  • Kalijna” - Kuban Cossack Ballet - Krasnodar, Russia
  • National Dance Company of Senegal” - Dakar, Senegal
  • Ballet Basques Oldarra” - Biarritz, France
  • Santa Vitilia” - Sardinia, Italy
  • Lou Ceu de Pau” - Pau, France
  • Ballet African” - Dakar, Senegal
  • Ballet Erro-Bat” - Bayonne, France
  • Martisorul”- Cluj-Napoca, Romania
  • Bartok Tancegyuttes Dance Ensemble”-  Godollo, Hungary
  • Maly Slask”-  Radzionkow, Poland
  • Wulan Muqi”- Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China
  • Janosicek”-  Bruno, Czech Republic
  • Everest Nepal Cultural Group”-  Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Monte Patulo”- St. Angelo Romano, Italy
  • Doina”- Cluj Napoca, Romania
  • Kencana Pradipa”- Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Carmen Lopez”- Cali, Columbia
  • Asociacion Folcklorica Escazucena”- San Jose, Costa Rica
  • Lous Cigalouns de Morseuns”- Morcenz, France
  • Rangpuhar”- Mumbai, India
  • Ballet Les Fonds Blancs”- Le Francois, Martinique
  • Taiwan Folk Music Ensemble”- Taipe, Taiwan
  • Bangladesh Academy of Fine Arts”-  Dhaka City, Bangladesh
  • KTF UI Radha Sarisha”- Depok, Indonesia

Participating Colleges and Universities

  • Utah - Brigham Young University, University of Utah, College of Eastern Utah
  • Missouri - Washington University
  • Nevada - University of Nevada
  • Idaho - Boise State University
  • Illinois - Malcolm X Community College
  • California - Sierra College
  • New York - State University of New York at Buffalo, Fredonia University, Buffalo State College

Participating State School Systems

  • New York - Bullalo and Niagara Falls Public Schools
  • Utah - Granite, Jordan, Park City & Salt Lake School Districts
  • Nevada - Clark County School District in Las Vegas
  • California - Rio Linda School District
  • Idaho - Grandview School District
  • Hawaii - Kamehemeha Schools

Participating International Institutions

  • Bayonne, France - Cassin College
  • Dakar, Senegal - Institute for the Study of African Culture
  • Milton Keynes, England - St. Mary’s and Kent’s Hills Schools
  • The Netherlands - Zall 100 and Rasa Theater Schools, Amsterdam Conservatory

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