This Year’s International Festival Tour
              CLOG AMERICA, known as “America’s Folk Ambassadors,” celebrates 28 years of representing the United States in over 70 major festivals and events throughout Eastern and Western Europe, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Korea, China and the USA. The ensemble has appeared on national television in Germany, the Czech Republic, France, the Netherlands, Brazil, Macedonia, Hungary, Turkey and the USA. CLOG AMERICA is comprised of award-winning dancers and musicians from throughout the Intermountain West who share their fast-paced, high energy show of American Heritage through music and dance with audiences around the world.    

During the summer of 2019, CLOG AMERICA will represent the USA in a distinguished festival in Belgium where over 20,000 people attend and has been running for 36 years. It is exciting to be returning to this festival after an appearance here in 2001. Clog America will also be attending a festival in France.  The group is excited to continue to build bridges of love & friendship through music & dance. 

From a past tour to the Netherlands the following review was received:  

“Spectators got leg-weary just by watching! What a hot pace! The big smiles didn’t budge from the 21 American dancers’ faces. Clog America showed that dance and music from the USA needn’t be age-old to be called folklore. The audience shouted and clapped their hands to the time of the music. Especially the swift, noisy tap-dance/country-show of the Americans was admired.”

                     Van Onze Verslaggeefster, press review

                           Folklore Festival Zeeland, the Netherlands


Worldwide Association of Performing Artists, a 501 (c ) 3 non-profit organization, fulfills it’s mission through CLOG AMERICA.